About Settla Law

More money to live the dream

Taxation when moving abroad is often seen as a necessary evil – a jungle of paperwork, administration and investigations that swallows time and money. In fact, many give up when they realize just how much there is to consider.

But that’s why we’re here.

Tax issues should never stand in the way of realizing a dream. Therefore, we focus on the many possibilities instead. We give our clients a clear overview of the different steps in the taxation process and help them optimize their income taxes in Portugal. We also provide a better insight as to how the tax law system works – knowledge that is useful long-term as well.

Settla Law is a law firm based in Portugal. We’re in close collaboration with local real estate agents and know the region inside and out. We love to live here and we’re dedicated to help others who are moving to the Algarve as well.

Our clients all have different needs and our fees are set individually. Once we’ve identified the legal challenges at hand, we tailor a package that suits the client to a fixed price.

To hire us is to make a good investment – you are welcome to join Settla Law in the Portuguese sun.

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