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Moving abroad should feel like coming home

Thanks to favourable tax regimes in Portugal, both pensioners and owners of close corporations have plenty to gain from moving to this beautiful country.

Still, many hesitate when it comes to taking such a life-changing decision. We want to change that by offering on-site legal solutions in Portugal, so that our clients can focus entirely on getting a great start on their new life in the sun.

Our services include everything from NHR-applications to finding the best possible real estate agent for each unique request.

Are you moving to Portugal?

Non-Habitual Residency status in Portugal equals tax free living. But the residency requirements are complex and it’s important to get everything right from the start. Located in the heart of the Algarve and Estoril, we can help you obtain your NHR status fast and efficient. We also provide legal advice on wills, tax returns, fiscal numbers and much more.

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Are you a real estate agent in Portugal?

Every year thousands of Swedes move to Portugal. They all need to buy or rent a home. Being Swedish ourselves, we dare to say that we know what the majority is looking for. Being the legal bridge between the client and the real estate agent, we make the journey smoother for all parties. We think of it as a win-win- win.

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